Thursday, July 8, 2010

Donald Berwick, Robert Gibbs, Redistribution and Rationing

Gary Fouse

Robert Gibbs

President Obama is now making a recess appointment of Donald Berwick to oversee Medicare and Medicaid. The purpose of the recess appointment is clear; Obama wants to avoid a confirmation hearing on Berwick in which this man's ideas ands previous statements would be brought to the fore; namely, thet Berwick has expressed support for the idea of rationing health care to people based on their age and the whole cost-effectiveness of treating the elderly. He has also stated that any quality system of health care must involve distribution of wealth.

In the below White House press briefing this week, WH spokeshole (and professional comedian) Robert Gibbs treats reporter Fred Lucas like an errant school child (to the laughter of other reporters) when Lucas asks him if Obama agrees with statements made by Berwick.

Well, regardless of whether or not Republican congressman Paul Ryan made a similar statement, this is also what Berwick has stated (2008 in the UK). In the below video, Berwick speaks of redistribution of wealth.

In the below article, Berwick (in an interview) addresses health care rationing (see p2).

Mr Gibbs; let's forget about what Paul Ryan said on the topic and get back to Mr Berwick's statements on redistribution and rationing, OK?



  1. Why is nobody of upper echelon rising up against these socialists? Why do we have to wait for new elections? Is there nobody with an urge to sue them? Are what they're doing not against American values, not suitable for litigation?

    Does this silence suggest that among the hidden powers, the evil ones have risen high and have taken over the reins, and we'll again be knocked out in 2012?