Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March 20 in Hollywood-Nuts on Parade

Gary Fouse

This post appeared originally on Grizzly Groundswell

On March 20, the usual collection of left-wing crazies held their annual coming of spring parade in Hollywood. In the pictures below, you will note that virtually every left-wing cause is represented. Also represented are the poor mistreated Palestinians. In that vein, anti-Semitism also showed its ugly face in Hollywood. These photos were taken by Ringo's Pictures blog and have also been featured on Pajamas Media, Patriot's Corner and Political Vindication. Attention New York Times: This is no Tea Party.

Can't forget that great executioner, Che Guevara

Note the price tag. Why not free?

Can't forget the commies.

That guy with the ball hat looks familiar.

Corporate personhood???

You didn't know LA teachers had a human rights committee did'ya?

No Moonbat march would be complete without the Larouchies.

Note that the Palestinian keffiyas (scarves) are now de rigeur at Moonbat marches.

Finally! An American flag.

"Hail to the ayatollahs!"

And all capped off with a little Jew hatred.

Here is a point that must not be overlooked in mocking the far left wackos in our society: With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, anti-Semitism is back in full force. Nowhere is it more evident than on the far-left fringes. Many of these folks, as you can clearly see by the photos, have made a link-up with the Palestinian cause and other Mid East elements who wish nothing but death to Jews. The final scenes are despicable and hate-filled.

Kudos to Ringo for documenting this scary event. You won't see this in the New York Times.

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