Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary Israel!

I found this post while reviewing the various postings there were for Israel's 60th Birthday.  Once more the Late Roger W. Gardner speaks with clarity and wisdom.  How I miss my friend!
--- Findalis

Just one little word.
Just one little people.
Yet, such power, and such agony...

The world shrugged and said that Hitler was a Jewish problem. They told themselves that if the Jews hadn't been so rich, so powerful, so different, so poor, so weak, so assimilated, so universalist, so closed... they wouldn't have been killed. It was the Jews' fault. Quoted from Eternal Hatred at For Zion's Sake

From JEW:

In 1948, in a rare display of Arab unity, all of the surrounding hate-filled Arab states came together to wage a war of total annihilation against the tiny fledgling State of Israel. They mustered their huge supremely confident armies and, assured of a magnificent success, they savagely attacked the insignificant and ill-prepared Israeli forces.

And they lost.

Not only did all of the combined Arab states lose, but they suffered one of the most humiliating and ignoble military disasters in modern history.
And Israel continued to live and to thrive.

But the embittered Arab states never unconditionally accepted the awful reality of their defeat. Almost immediately after the disaster, the Arab world began their delusional retrospective qualifications and rationalizations, their absurd revisions of history. Year by year, war by disastrous war, they sank lower and lower into that dark hopeless world of self-pity and hatred. That irresponsible world of lies and denials, wherein nothing is your fault and everything is the fault of others. And as Israel prospered, the Arab world seethed with self-loathing and plotted revenge.

From AA for Islam

And so, amazingly, after six turbulent decades, the miracle that is Israel still lives and prospers, and the Arab world still seethes with envy and resentment.

Still threatened, still surrounded by its vast and deadly enemies who only dream of its destruction, tiny Fortress Israel holds forth. And so long as our brave little Israel survives, this world's hopes for freedom and democracy will live on. More perhaps than any other nation in this world, tiny Israel represents the embodiment of the promise of the Western World, the promise of light, and hope and reason.

Bravo brave little Israel! May you live on and prosper. You are our faithful ally and our shining example. God bless you and keep you safe. -- rg

Note from Radarsite:
For a profound and moving tribute to Israel check out this from ~Snooper~ at A NEWT ONE

A sad state affairs this indictment is:

[...] Israel's monumental achievement, the fact that this tiny country with its neighbors hell-bent on eliminating it has somehow managed to survive, does not seem to be much of a story. Some would say this is appropriate. Israel is, after all, a Jewish state. Why should anyone else care? [...]

Read the rest here:


I often wonder what Roger's blog postings(And Blood Pressure) would be today with the President of the United States preparing to throw Israel under the bus to justify his Nobel Prize.

I do believe he would be livid with that, and the rest of Obama's agenda.

But I do see my friend sitting in a better place and raising a cold one in Israel's honor (Can you imagine the party G-d throws?).

So lift a cold one today for Israel and in memory of a good friend of hers: Roger W. Gardner!

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