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Although our dear friend Roger W. Gardner departed from us last December, those of us who post here on Radarsite promised Roger to repost some of his more memorable posts every so often.

This week many Universities in the US and Canada are sponsoring their annual (and in some cases bi-annual) Israel Apartheid Week.  In response I thought this article originally posted on January 25, 2008.  I hope you agree with my choice.


Cross posted to Wake Up America - January 25, 2008

What a great explosive word!
Think about it. What other proper name for a people contains its own epithet?
For every other people and nation we have had to create a special, derogatory slang word to express our disdain or contempt. For the Italians we created Dagos and Whoops, for Blacks we came up with Niggers (yes, Al Sharpton, I'm actually saying the N-word. Why should you be an exception?), for the fickle French we've got Frogs and for the Spanish, Spics.

But the Jews are a special case, aren't they? So special are they that we don't even need to create a new word to insult them. Their name alone does the trick. We're still having trouble saying the word aloud. We prefer to ask, Are you Jewish? We simply can't bring ourselves to ask, Are you a Jew? It sounds like an insult, doesn't it? But why should the name itself sound like an insult? Is it that loaded with ulterior meaning? Is the word itself that dangerous?
Evidently the answer is Yes.

For more than two thousand years this world's been trying to come to grips with that powder keg of a word. And it seems to me that we're no closer now than ever to comprehending its vast impenetrable mystery.
Just one little word.
Just one little people.
Yet, such power, and such agony...

Today, January 25, 2008, in the latest edition of the Chesler Chronicles posted at Pajamas Media, the inimitable Phyllis Chesler details, with characteristic incisiveness, the latest evidence of the ongoing "Hate Israel follies". With unassailable authority, Dr. Chesler delineates the undeniable growth of these great disturbing truths. These great old disturbing truths.

But why? That's the seemingly eternal question that still haunts our Twenty-first Century Western World.
Why now?
Why the Jews?
Why the Jews again?

And why, for heaven's sake, Israel? Can anyone in the West in their right mind justify denying support to our only reliable ally in this whole bloody hate-filled region? How is it possible -- after the horrors perpetrated on us on September 11, 2001 by those nineteen unrepentant Arab Muslims -- that we can still embrace these moral monsters and side with them in their never-ending onslaught against the tiny democratic Fortress Israel?

How the hell can we continually ask our imperiled and vastly outnumbered ally to give up yet more land for yet more cynical empty Arab lies? More land for more rocket-launchers? Yet we do ask, don't we? Every day we ask Israel for more. Endure, we say, endure and give up more.

And why should you give up more? You should give up more, we say, because you're in the wrong. You're in the wrong by existing, and as long as you continue to exist we can not in good conscience defend you.

Am I wrong in thinking that the only possible answers to these troubling questions are the obvious ones: oil and anti-semitism? Are there perhaps other more abstruse and complicated reasons of statecraft that are simply beyond my limited comprehension? Can it be that this ancient evil presence is still slithering amongst us after all these years? After all these bloody pogroms and endless persecutions? After the unspeakable horrors of the holocaust? And the unspeakable shame of our despicable present-day holocaust deniers?

It seems to this particular student of Western history that the descent of decent civilized societies into chaos then anarchy or fascism is almost invariably attended by a disturbing rise in that society's gradual but unmistakable acceptance of anti-semitism. It is an almost perfect bellwether.

Take note. Look around you now and what do you see?

With the undeniable and alarming rise of militant Islam throughout all of Europe and Scandinavia and Britain, and the growing empowerment of the secular left, we can plainly read those same old unmistakable signs of a resurgent anti-semitism -- the hastily-scrawled Swastikas and the over-turned tombstones, the hate-filled rhetoric, the crude propaganda and the relentless demonizing.

Wake up everyone! It's here right now. It's all around us. It's undeniable and it's evil and it's growing.

Get ready World, here we go again!


In the 2 years since Roger published this article the world seems to have grown more anti-Semitic, more anti-Israel.  While Muslims killed millions in Darfur, Tutsis and Hutus killed each other in the thousands (up to a million killed) in Rwanda, and Kosovo descended into madness, these are ignored by the UN.  The victims were not Arabs (Palestinians to be exact) and the perpetrators were not Jews (Israelis to be exact).

There is only one people on this planet who are true victims (Palestinians) and the only villain allowed to be named in the world is Israel.

Thus the old hatred resurfacing with a new strength, a new voice.  And the old cry of dirt and anger: JEW! is acceptable once again.


  1. Thanks Roger...from such a mighty pen, we thank you again. You may have left us but your words are alive and well...God Bless.

  2. Great Choice, Findalis! I will also cross-post this onto fousesquawk. We are watching this unfold right on our college campuses.

    A few years ago, when I was in Germany researching my book on Erlangen, I visited the local jewish center. The director explained to me that to this day in Germany, the word Jude (Jew) is an emotionally-charged word due to the history of the Holocaust. Roger's point is right on target, and his thesis is quite timely.