Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Jewish Blood Libel Making the Rounds-Now Haiti

Gary Fouse

The old Jewish blood libel is being resurrected by the enemies of Israel. The claim about Israeli military forces killing Palestinians in order to harvest their body parts is now being spread to Haiti. This is thanks to some loon named T. West, who heads a black solidarity group called Afri Synergy. West has produced a video warning Haitians that the Israeli rescue workers and doctors may try to steal the body parts of their loved ones. In the above video, you can watch and listen as West makes his charges-without any corroboration.

Nevertheless, the claim is gaining currency among those who hate Israel-and who hate Jews in general. One by one, they are pouncing on this. The Iranian-run English-language Press TV is running the story, which you can check out below. One of Press TV's "journalists" has been British radical and Muslim-convert Yvonne Ridley. I wonder if she subscribes to this latest pipe dream. I guess I will add this to all the previous questions I have posed to Ridley on this blog.§ionid=351020706

Then there is the anti-Semitic web-site La Voz de Aztlan, run out of Los Angeles by a couple of guys who think the US Southwest belongs to Mexico and who hate Jews in general. One of their so-called reporters accompanied George Galloway to Gaza last year with one of his Viva Palestina convoys. This hateful website is running with the story, showing West's video and adding their own "inside information".

"Already a reporter said that a medical container with human corneas was noticed at the IDF tent hospital."

- La voz de Aztlan

So my question would be who is the "reporter" who said this and who "noticed" this container, etc. Hell, the National Enquirer wouldn't even run a line like that without proof or some type of corroboration. You couldn't put a dog in the pound with that kind of evidence.

But while you are on the Aztlan site, I invite you to peruse the myriad of articles attacking Jews as people with or without any connection to Israel.

More serious than the accusation against the Israeli volunteers who are saving lives and giving medical aid to people in Haiti (something few if any of their enemies are doing, by the way) is the resurrection of an old anti-Jewish accusation that Jews were killing Christian children to use their blood in the making of matzo. It was a despicable lie that persevered for ages only out of Jew hatred. It is like the fictitious "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" story concocted by elements of tsarist Russia to convince people there was a worldwide Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. This preposterous fraud, though long debunked, still has currency in the Middle East.

Now, in the middle of a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, the anti-Semitic hate-mongers in the Middle East, Europe and America are coming out from under their rocks in an effort to discredit a heroic effort on the part of the Israelis.

It is beyond despicable.


  1. The hate mongers are so busy trying to libel Israel that they missed achmadinajoke announcing that Iran and Syria are going to establish a "new world order". Meanwhile obummer is trying to press Israel to "give up the farm" for the PA. Is their no end to the asshattery in this world?

  2. That is NOT the "blood libel," which is about ritual sacrifice of Christian children (and the details are 1. non kosher style of killing and 2. like a satanist incursion into Judaism comparable to the black mass in satanism re Catholicism, because the blood is allegedly put in passover bread, so this was NOT Jews who did anything like this, maybe some cult that could pass themselves off as Jews at times to hide.