Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Great Multi-Cultural Visa Lottery

Gary Fouse

"The winner is....Osama bin Laden. Congratulations, Sir. Here is your visa."

Here's another one of those "what is the State Department thinking" stories. It concerns the visa lottery program the State Department has to choose who gets to immigrate. You won't believe this one.

"Hey Davy! The State Department just called and says we gotta let'em in. They won the lottery!"

My question is this; setting aside the insanity of giving extra consideration to countries that are, shall we say, in the high-risk category, have we not achieved our "Diversity" goals when it comes to immigration? I would say we have, and if diversity is what counts, it has been a roaring success. That said, isn't it time to perhaps set it aside, or is it the eventual goal that whites will someday be a minority in Montana?

You see, the fact is that if you are white and looking to immigrate from say, Europe or Australia-good luck! How many recent European immigrants do you see these days? Somebody in Washington has determined that we don't need them. No, we need more of those Somali cab drivers who are running off to join Al-Shabab.

Now I have said over and over and will state again that I am married to an immigrant (from Mexico) and I think immigration, white or non-white, has been a good thing for America. But when government bureaucrats fall in love with the idea of diversity for diversity's sake, we wind up getting people we don't need and frankly, don't want.

Now, more than ever, we need to tightly control immigration. You can't go around picking names out of a hat and bringing in some uneducated guy from Yemen (why did I say Yemen), who has no skills and nothing to offer this country but more .....Diversity. But, as we know, this is a government that can't even keep some 23-year-old Nigerian off a plane who has a one-way ticket, pays cash and has been dimed out by his own father as someone we should worry about. That guy Abdulmutallab probably could have shown up at check-in carrying a clear plastic bag of white powder marked "heroin" in his hand and still gotten on that plane. (That's what guys like him have to do when they don't win the lottery.)

Somebody's head should roll on this one.

That's right.

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