Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How Will the Dems Repackage Health Care?

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

"Meet your new government health care plan."

No matter what they say publicly, the Democrats and the White House know full well that the majority of the public want no part of government health care. Obama is floundering and trying to use his oratorical skills to convince us that its a good deal. One press conference and three stacked town halls, and he still can't articulate why we should accept this monster. Now he is thinking about addressing a joint session of Congress to pitch health care. Maybe he should go back to Berlin and shout, "people of the world....". It won't work. He can't explain it. So now, they are trying to repackage their government takeover of health care. That won't work either if we remain vigilant.

In the coming days and weeks, we are going to see a lot of horse-trading and arm-twisting in Congress. There will be the usual sell-out Republicans who will join the "gang of 6" or the "gang of 8" to reach a compromise. The Democrats, meanwhile, will use tax-payer funds to bribe "blue-dog Democrats" with pork for their districts. People in the states represented by these Democrats should take note on what their representative finally does.

In addition, we are seeing the effort to come up with new names, new phrases and new catch words designed to fool the gullible public (us) into believing that we have won and forced them to do away with the objectionable portions. We will hear words like "competition", "no government option", "choices" and other focus group-tested words they think will work.

The bottom line is that it will be the same old government takeover of health care with a different label. Who knows, maybe they will call it the "Safe Streets Act". At the very least, the Democrats want to get the camel's nose under the tent and start taking over health care incrementally. At the most, they may do what Harry Reid wants to do. Jam this thing through Congress with or without Republican votes on a simple majority vote. After all, "we'll like it once it's in place" or something like that. How arrogant.

The Republicans should not engage in any deals to ameliorate this turkey. They should stand firm, filibuster if they can, and hope that the American public will continue to let its voice be heard. With the Free Our Health Care Now petition now at 1.2 million, more tea parties and a scheduled march on Washington, the heat will continue. The Dems must know by now that they face a disaster in the 2010 elections if they continue along this course. If the Democrats want to ignore the will of the people, let them own this bill 100%.

Finally, don't be fooled by the repackaging of this bill with new language. It will still be a bill consisting of some 1,000 pages that nobody in Congress has read and will contain buried clauses designed to screw us all in the end. It will still be the same old turkey.

"Meet your new, repackaged government health care plan.'

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