Sunday, June 7, 2009

George Galloway's Greatest Hits

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

Below is a video of George Galloway acting like a pussy cat on a British reality show that made him look like a joke. (I guess that's why they call it "reality TV".)

What follows is his appearance at UC-Irvine on May 21 when he called me a liar for reciting incidents in the US whereby pro-Palestinian demonstrators made anti-Semitic statements. Of course, he had the audience on his side on May 21 when he had a hall full of some 700 antri-Israel folks who cheered his statements as if they were at a soccer game.

At any rate, enjoy the montage. This is a member of British Parliament in action.

(As they say in Britain, "God save the Queen".)

"Now now, Georgie, we won't let that nasty old Fousesquawk take your milk away, will we?"


  1. I think that idiot (Galloway) was once banned from entering Canada. And if my memory serves me right, doesn't he represent a predominately large Muslim district somewhere near London. Supposedly he was paid off by the Muslim population to represent their views...

    Chances are 100% that he will not apologize for calling you a liar even if he sees the video evidence of your truth...

  2. Of course he won't apologize. I sent him an email at his parliament website. The guy is a jerk.