Friday, November 29, 2013

Fjordman: Islamic Terrorists in the West and the West's Continued Denial

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Fjordman is a pseudonym for a Norwegian man who was studying Arabic in Egypt until the 9-11 attacks and left in disgust when he saw Egyptians celebrating. Back in Norway, he lives in an undisclosed location due to numerous threats on his life. He also has to be concerned about Norwegian authorities, who may slap him in jail for what they call "hate speech".

In this essay, Fjordman begins with a description of Somali immigrants to Norway who took part in the Kenya mall massacre. He also describes the refusal of the leadership of his country and the West in general to call Islamic terrorism for what it is preferring instead to focus on "Islamophobia" by those who react quite naturally to all the horrors.

Comment: By refusing to openly address the reality of the threat, are we not, in addition, doing a disservice to peaceful Muslims who wish this violence and hate would disappear from Islam altogether? It takes real courage for them to speak out and take on the jihadists and Islamists who seek to impose their domination on the rest of us. They need our support. Perhaps, if they knew our societies would support them, there would be more speaking out. Alas, we are not doing so.

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