Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Literature Featured at Islamic Society North America Annual Dinner

Gary Fouse

As reported, President Obama sent his videotaped greetings to the Islamic Society of North America recently on the occasion of their 50th anniversary dinner.


Here is an example of some of the literature featured at ISNA's event. At the below link, you can download volumes one and two of A Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence. This book comes from the Saudi publisher Islam House, considered a highly respected publisher and is written by a member of the Saudi Committee for Scholarly Research and Fatwa. If you are interested in an explanation of jihad, go to page 471 and the chapter on Jihad. It is well worth  reading. It describes both the inner struggle part of jihad as well as the duty to fight part of jihad.


In addition, here is an excerpt on apostasy from page 642:

ISNA is a branch of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which is sending its followers onto the streets to burn Christian churches and attack the current government all in the guise of peaceful protests. Incredibly, they also enjoy the support of our government and our president.

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