Wednesday, August 7, 2013

McCain and Graham Call on Egypt to Release Muslim Brotherhood Prisoners

Gary Fouse


Hat tip Frontpage Magazine and Ahram Online

Here is another reason why you voters in Arizona and South Carolina need to find new Republican senators. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are in Egypt meeting with that country's leaders and urging them to release the Muslim Brotherhood detainees so they can negotiate getting them back into power. It's called democracy (which doesn't work so well in Egypt).,-Egypt-unhap.aspx

This is all while John Kerry has prevailed upon the Israelis to release 140 hard core terrorists from its prisons as a condition of re-starting  "peace' negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.  Of course, it's always one side that must make the concessions. What concessions are the Palestinians making?

But back to the topic at hand. Why should the Egyptian leaders release the Muslim Brotherhood prisoners The Brotherhood is trying to turn Egypt into an Islamic theocracy.

More importantly, I would like to know what representations McCain and Graham are making on behalf of the Coptic Christians, who are being besieged in Egypt by Muslim mobs. Under the rule of Morsi, those mobs pretty had official approval. Have McCain and Graham met with MB leaders and prevailed upon them to protect Christians if they get their foot back into government?  Has the feckless Lady Baroness Cathy Ashton of the EU prevailed upon Morsi to protect the rights of Copts should he get back into government?

Of course, the above persons may have made private appeals for the protection of the Copts, but even if that is so, why not public? If they can publicly call for the release and inclusion of the Brotherhood leaders, why can they not publicly call for an end to attacks upon the Copts. Presently, most of the attacks are being carried out by Brotherhood supporters who blame the Christians for Morsi's overthrow (which would appear to be an exaggeration. The military has support across the religious spectrum for its action).

It appears that amid all the hand-wringing by our own feckless leaders so anxious to curry favor with the Islamists, nobody cares about the one group that is under threat of being either driven out of Egypt or wiped out altogether-the Coptic Christians.

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