Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Burnt Koran Worth $10,000

By Findalis

A Badly Beaten Jew Worth $0

This is the new reality in the Michigan.   A Koran was found on the steps of the Islamic Center of East Lansing burnt.  The police are offering a $10,000 reward on who burnt the Koran.  But Zachary Tennen was beaten, his jaw broken, mouth stapled shut by 2 goons who didn't like the fact he was a Jew.  The East Lansing Police Department don't even believe that a crime, let alone a hate crime, was committed.

Journalism sophomore Zachary Tennen said he was assaulted in what his family has described as an anti-Semitic hate crime on the 500 block of Spartan Avenue early Sunday morning.

After Zachary Tennen was knocked unconscious at about 1:30 a.m. early Sunday morning at a party, his mouth was stapled shut by an assailant while about 20 individuals watched, Zachary Tennen said in a statement to the East Lansing Police Department.

Zachary Tennen said two college-aged males asked if he was Jewish and when he answered yes, the two men assaulted him.

“They knocked me down really hard … and I assumed someone would help me,” Zachary Tennen said, before his surgery, despite the difficulties for him to talk. “But after some guys at the house basically kicked me out, I had to get a cab.”

His jaw was severely broken in two places during the assault. Zachary Tennen said he took a cab to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing on Sunday to receive immediate treatment for his injury.

“I’m really, really upset in a few ways; First of all it is a terrible experience, physically and also mentally to know someone would do something like this,” he said.

“It almost seemed like they tried to kill me, and to think about that in my brain, physically — it isn’t very pleasant.”

Police were not at the scene of the party, and no one at the party stopped the incident from occurring, he said.

No officers from the East Lansing Police Department would confirm the incident occurred, but Bruce Tennen said he contacted the police and filed a report.

In response to inquiries regarding the incident, MSU spokesperson Kent Cassella released a university statement relating to the assault.

“Michigan State University’s Student Affairs and Services office has reached out to the family of the student assaulted in East Lansing to provide the academic and other support the student needs,” Cassella said. “MSU will work with the student and his professors to ensure he can fulfill his academic requirements, as we would with any student in need.”

Bruce Tennen said his son is slated to have surgery on his jaw Monday evening near his home in Franklin, Mich., adding he is overwhelmed that this happened to his son. He said his family has never experienced a hate crime such as this.

Bruce Tennen said he plans to contact the Anti-Defamation League and the FBI regarding the incident.

“The whole thing is unbelievable; Clearly it was a hate crime,” he said. “I personally intend to do everything in my power to see that justice is served.”

Somebody should explain to the East Lansing Police Department that burning a Koran is protected speech.  If burning the American Flag is NOT a crime, then burning ANY book is not a crime.  The real crime would be if you steal the book to burn it.  Then it is theft and destruction of personal property.

It is a shame that Zachery Tennen will not receive justice in Michigan.  I am supposing that the laws have been changed by the State of Michigan has passed a law allowing any person to assault, rape or even murder a Jew.

I suppose that California will be next to pass this law.

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