Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Evil Against Israel

Gary Fouse

Hat tip to Vos iz Neias

So now Iran has unleashed its terrorists against Israel. Bombs have gone off targeted against Israeli missions in New Delhi and Tbilisi. In addition, four Iranians have been arrested in Bangkok after one of them blew his legs off trying to throw a grenade at cops. This is what the Islamic Republic of Iran does. We are dealing with terrorist nation run by religious fanatics.


And yet, the world seems to have this obsession with the tiny Jewish state that is simply trying to survive in a sea of sharks called the Middle East.

The events in India, Georgia and Thailand should educate the world about the evil that is lined up against Israel. But they won't learn. They will still go on with this brain-dead Boycott, Sanctions and Divest movement against Israel. They should have learned when Mumbai was attacked by a group of Pakistani Muslims who killed so many people and tortured, killed and mutilated a Jewish rabbi and his wife at the local Chabad House. It didn't matter. The Israel apartheid protests continued on college campuses, oblivious to what had happened in Mumbai-or not caring. They should have learned after the Fogel massacre in which an entire Jewish family had their throats cut by Palestinian intruders who also killed a three-month old infant in its crib. In the Palestinian world, they were celebrated as heroes and soldiers. But the protests against Israel continued anyway.

Meanwhile in Syria, a nation that will not make peace with Israel, the massacres continue as the world wrings its hands and talks about sanctions.

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