Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Loopy New York Times Op-ed

Gary Fouse

"The first is this nonsense must stop. It must stop. If you want to act like a butthead, you're butthead is going to get locked up. And if you want to act like an idiot, move. Move out of this city. We don't want you here anymore."

- Philadephia Mayor MIchael Nutter speaking August 7, 2011 at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Leave it to two married professors from NYU and Columbia University to blame the UK riots on Prime Minister David Cameron, budget cuts, and even the Tea Party. That's what Richard Sennett and his wife Saskia Sennen do in this New York Times op-ed

The Tea Party, indeed.

This, of course, is nothing more than the pinhead academic attitude that government must provide the sustenance of life to all, and when the money runs out-just keep spending. In the real world, things don't work that way. The lesson of the riots will be that European socialism, the great welfare state, and a fawning subservience to some foggy notion of Multi-Culturalism do not work. Sennen, who is Dutch, apparently has not learned the lesson of her own country.

What we are seeing in Britain is the culmination of a failed experiment that the rest of Western Europe is also learning. The Brits created a socialistic welfare state, and now the money has run out to pay for it.

They also created a monster of multi-culturalism that did nothing to assimilate their ethnic minorities even though previous generations of immigrants from South Asia had been able to succeed in Britain. At some point, the assimilation stopped. A lot of it was due to Islamic extremism and the likes of people like Anjem Choudary, who openly works to install shariah as the law of the land in the UK as he and his worthless followers spit on everything British.

What have the Brits been doing in this past generation that has created such division of the races? This past week, we have seen rioters of all races including whites, some from well-off families. Yet, blacks have attacked whites and Asians alike. Three of the four dead are of Indian descent-run down by a car diven by a black rioter.

If you listen to interviews with the masked rioters, it is clear that they feel entitled to take from others what they don''t have ( haven't earned) themselves.

I see the problem as two-fold, and it is a problem that is brewing in the rest of Europe. First, the Brits can no longer pay for the goodies they have been handing out in the form of welfare to people who don't work. Second, multi-culturalism has been embraced and whatever assimilation they had has stopped. Europeans didn't care if immigrants learned their languages, their customs or assimilated. Just let them settle in segregated neighborhoods, do the manual labor or collect welfare, while we "salute" their cultures. Now they (the Brits) are paying the price.

Another thing has been all too clear; has anyone ever taught the British cops how to make an arrest? How humiliating it is once again to watch cops, armed only with batons and shields, running in retreat from thugs throwing missiles and Molotov cocktails at them. You throw a Molotov cocktail at an American cop and you're going to get shot. Instead, thugs take over the streets, beat people, rob them and burn their shops as they loot. Keep in mind that there is no 2nd amendment in that country. They confiscated the guns long ago, and even the cops don't carry guns except for certain special squads. Once upon a time that might have been reasonable in civilized Britain , but not now. Britain is no longer civilized, and the rest of Europe is following just a couple of paces behind.

What Britain needs to do is find another Churchill or Thatcher to lead them and tell the people that the welfare state is over. If they want to succeed, they need to get an education, work, and contribute to society. In addition, they need to tell their bad apple immigrants that it is time to assimilate into British society or get out. If people like Choudary want to live under Islamic law, there are plenty of countries they can move back to. (Choudary is UK-born.) Surely, not all Indians or Pakistanis in Britain share Choudary's beliefs, but they are all suffering the backlash because of it.

If the Brits don't act now and act decisively, we are witnessing the death of once-Great Britain-with the rest of Europe soon to follow.

As I stated, some of the rioters were white. They have also been imbued with the attitude that they are entitled to the largess of the producers of British society courtesy of the government. In addition, Britain needs to stop treating its minorities as if they were some sort of children with Downs Syndrome, who are not responsible for their actions. That is an insult to the black and Asian immigrant communities who work, produce, assimilate, consider themselves Britains, and obey the law. The message they have been getting for years now is that their assimilation and accomplishments as immigrants are irrelevant. It is the thugs and troublemakers who must be accommodated. If the good immigrants find themselves living in dangerous neighborhoods and being victimized by the bad elements, that is just too bad.

Does that sound familiar to you American readers? How many years now have law-abiding blacks had to live in areas where they are afraid to go out at night because the police know that every time they get into a violent confrontation with a criminal in the inner city, their jobs and their very freedom are being put on the line? I saw it first-hand as a DEA agent. Most black residents in the inner city want those crack houses and heroin-shooting galleries shut down. Instead, we make them irrelevant as we find excuses for the flash mobs in Philadelphia and other places even as Philly mayor Michael Nutter has had the courage to speak to the rioters and tell them in no uncertain words what they are-bums.

How about other countries in Europe where assaults on Jews on the streets of Malmo, Amsterdam and other cities is met with indifference because nobody wants to upset the perpetrating minority responsible?

These are the lessons that we outside of Britain need to take away from these riots and from what is happening in other European countries.

Instead, these two goofy professors from over-rated Columbia University and NYU tell us that the lesson America needs to learn is that we must never turn off the welfare spigot, lest the unhappy dependents "justifiably" run amok.

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