Wednesday, April 20, 2011

About That Royal Wedding

Gary Fouse

A few days ago, I posted a spoof on the up-coming royal wedding. One of the pictures I posted showed the usual collection of riff-raff known as Islam4UK, Anjem Choudary's gang, doing a London street protest with their posters promising beheading to anyone who dared to say a cross word about Islam.

Some spoof.

Yesterday, Muslims Against the Crusades-or something like that, formally petitioned for a protest permit on the day of the wedding. They are promising to disrupt the wedding.

Anjem Choudary is the type of example that Muslims in the West would be advised not to follow. This element is accomplishing nothing more than marginalizing its own people. Is this really what Muslims in Western countries want to be-on the fringes of society, despised by the native populations? That is precisely what they are accomplishing in the UK and other Western European nations, where they spit on local values and traditions and refuse to assimilate. In the US, we have managed (for the most part) to avoid those kinds of extremes because our Muslim immigrants came here educated and with professional skills. Economically, they are not on the lower scales. Yet, even among our own Muslim youth, radicalism is increasingly catching on. As it does, US Muslims are finding themselves increasingly alienated from the rest of society. Correspondingly, anger is increasing in the US as the public sees more examples of radical thought and speech accompanied by occasional terrorist acts and or plots. More and more Americans are saying that Muslims need to accept American values and assimilate if they want to feel welcome here.

If British Muslims are becoming a despised minority, then they have only themselves to blame. To engage in another loud and disrupted protest against the royal wedding will only increase the anger from the British public and hurt the decent British Muslims. It is the latter who need to stand up forcefully and combat this rubbish from within their own community. Silence will be interpreted as assent.

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