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Who says Muslims do not have any influence...we're fight'n them in our own legislature bodies

Ban Sharia Law: Why did it ever get to that point? ~ Just how much influence do Muslims have?

by Norman E. Hooben
About a week ago while chatting with a friend about an article I wrote that ended with the words, “The Muslims are coming! The Muslims are coming.”  The friend interrupted with, “Not in our lifetime.”  After a short exchange of words I knew instantly that he was not up to date with current events.  Although I’m not sure where he gets his news (hints of the MSM abound!) and his lack of knowledge about the Quran was too obvious.  And I don’t want to get into a discussion about that heinous book of Islam, for all of us who keep up to date know that Muslims justify their hate for western culture and all religions not to their liking by placing all of their faith in a book written by a liar, a forger and plagiarizer, a sorcerer, and a magician, a soothsayer and poet, and last but not least, a madman perhaps as a result of being possessed by demons.  Simply put…and it is so written, they want to kill us in the name of Allah.  Definitely not the religion of peace!  If fellow blogger Bernie were present he would probably say this to my friend, “Deny all that your eyes see, deny all that your ears hear, deny the stench of Islam all you want.  Facts contradict your precious denials.
Now if I may refer back to the line above, “The Muslims are coming. The Muslims are coming.”  They are in fact, here…not totally in control yet, but here!  Notice I said, “not totally in control” for they are indeed partially in control…just who do you think put that Muslim in the White House! (And again, I don’t want to get into whether or not he’s a Muslim; as Bernie would say, “Facts contradict your precious denials.” Wake up and stop putting all your faith into the MSM!).
Now comes an article out of St. Louis, Missouri this past Wednesday titled, “Former terrorist urges legislators to ban Sharia law in courts”  Just how much influence do Muslims have that we have to fight our own legislators to prevent laws foreign to our American customs and legal system from entering and especially, interfering with, our lives. 
Before going on to post the above article maybe we should go back a read an earlier commentary regarding one of the most accurate predictions ever assembled in so-called, “fictional account” Are We Facing ‘The West’s Last Chance’? by Janet Levy over at the American Thinker website:

In the first chapter of The West's Last Chance (2005), Washington Times Editor Tony Blankley presents a fictional account of a neck-and-neck political race in 2007 America.  Entitled "The Nightmare Scenario," the chapter portrays a presidential candidate, facing polls that indicate an even race and rationalizing to seize an opportunity and secure his dreams for high office.  In the heat of a political rally with a Muslim American audience clamoring for shariah law, he capitulates to their demands.
In 2005, when the book was published, U.S. political pandering to American Muslims was already an established reality.  Since 9/11 and continuing today, our government bends over backward to avoid even a hint of negativity toward the purveyors of Islamic doctrine whose very mission is to destroy us.  Pandering to Islam has reached epidemic proportions and threatens our very existence as a free society. 

This dangerous trend began immediately after 9/11 when President George W. Bush reached out to Muslims, repeating the hollow-sounding mantra that Islam is a religion of peace.  This occurred despite prima facie and doctrinal evidence to the contrary.  Given that Muslims following the revered Koranic path of jihad had perpetrated (and continue now) the vast majority of worldwide terrorist attacks, the president's message was incongruous with reality.  Of course, the silence was deafening from the Allah hu-Akbar ("Allah is Great") corner, which instead focused on fears of burgeoning Islamophobia rather than shared anguish over the loss of life and destruction or condemnation of the hijackers' martyrdom operation.  Story continues here
Former terrorist urges legislators to ban Sharia law in courts

JEFFERSON CITY - A former terrorist, Kalam Saleem, phoned in to a House committee today, urging legislators to ban Sharia law in state courts.
Saleem was formerly associated with the Palestinian Liberation Organization and later with Saddam Hussein, according to the biography he offered by phone to members of the House Judiciary Committee.
During the call, he offered support for a bill sponsored by Rep. Don Wells, R-Cabool, which proposes changing the state constitution to block courts from making decisions based on foreign laws - specifically Sharia law, the religious code of Islam.
Saleem, who now practices Christianity, said that Sharia law should not be allowed in state courts because it is restrictive and oppressive, and that it discriminates against women and homosexuals.
Wells took a similar stance, if a less subtle one: That Islamic law is a dangerous influence on secular judicial proceedings.
"This is to protect the people of America," Wells said of his bill.
He went on to compare Sharia law to a disease, like polio. Rep. Jason Kander, D-Kansas City, stopped him to confirm.
"Sharia law is like polio?" Kander asked.
"Absolutely, as far as I'm concerned in this country," Wells responded.
Kander, who spent time in Afghanistan gathering intelligence for the military, said he found that "offensive."
Wells' bill is one of two measures currently under consideration by the Judiciary Committee that would ban foreign laws in Missouri courts.
Another bill, sponsored by Rep. Paul Curtman, R-Pacific, does not address Sharia law by name, but would similarly prohibit courts from citing foreign laws in decisions.
Both Curtman and Wells classified their bills as preventative, and did not offer examples of any courts using Sharia or other foreign laws.
The move to ban foreign laws, Sharia or otherwise, has been controversial since it received unambiguous backing from House Speaker Steve Tilley, R-Perryville, earlier this month.
"We believe that the laws of this country should trump any other laws regarding the citizens of our country within our borders," Tilley said in a statement at the time.
That support from the top legislator in the House could propel the legislation forward, but the two bills would not move through committee to the full House until after legislative spring break at the earliest.
If you haven't already done so, I highly suggest, Today it is me, but tomorrow it is you

More suggested reading: Universal Periodic Review: High Treason ~ If this is not an attempt to downplay the threat openly declared by Muslims then you better get ready to trade in your Christian crucifix or your Jewish Menorah for some form of Islamic idol sitting under a crescent moon.  The Muslims are coming!  The Muslims are coming! ...and the gate is held open by the Muslim in the White House.

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