Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ethics? What Ethics? Let's Have a Party!

Gary Fouse

"Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday, dear Hermann,
happy birthday to you
..and many more (hee, hee)

Talk about timing. No sooner does the House of Representatives announce an ethics trial for Charlie Rangel, then it is announced there will be a lavish birthday bash for Charlie on August 11.

"It's a big f-----' deal!"

Here's another interesting side note; the party is being held on August 11 even though Charlie's birthday was June 11. What's that all about? And the Plaza Hotel? That ain't the Motel 6, folks.

I guess any day now, the Dems will announce a big birthday bash for Maxine Waters-also pending trial on House ethics charges. Maybe her personal banker, Barney Frank, can dip into some TARP funds to put on a monster bash for her and her "businessman" hubby Sidney Williams.

Doesn't House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who promised to "drain the swamp" see what this looks like in the public eye? Now the Washington Post is reporting today that the loopy Pelosi is saying she "was out of the loop" in the Rangel investigation.

Is this what President Obama meant when he said this week that he hopes Rangel can end his career with "dignity"?


Talk about "in-your-face", "rub their noses in it" politics.

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