Sunday, December 20, 2009

The British Arrest Warrant Fiasco-Hamas Pulling the Strings

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

From Winston Churchill....

to the Cowardly Lion

Last week's legal fiasco in which British-based lawyers were able to obtain an arrest warrant for ex-Israeli Defense Minister Tzipi Livni was apparently orchestrated by the Hamas terror group according to the below article.

It may be too late to lecture the Brits on how and why they should maintain their sovereignty, but it appears here that Hamas-through its minions in the UK- is taking advantage of British law that awards itself jurisdiction over so-called human rights violations or war crimes committed in other countries. Belgium and Spain have also involved themselves in Middle East matters in similar fashion-of course on the side of the Palestinians. The US does, in fact, have laws which can be enforced against crimes committed in other countries, but only if the crime is against a US citizen or a crime against the US itself.

These laws are not only arrogant on their face, but also allow outside forces to play on them. Apparently in this case, Hamas has used British-based lawyers acting on behalf of so-called Palestinian people residing in Britain to file charges against Israeli officials when they travel outside their own country. One can only hope that these laws would be repealed. They are unjust and not in Britain's interest.

So congratulations to the rapidly-diminishing nation of Great Britain, Your arrogance in having such a law is now allowing you to be played like a fiddle by Hamas. Winston Churchill must be turning in his grave.


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