Saturday, October 17, 2009

La Voz de Aztlan Weighs in on Viva Palestina

Cross-posted by Gary Fouse

The controversy over the Viva Palestina fund drive at UC Irvine on May 21 has started to attract the attention of the news media now that the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has written letters to the Dept. of Justice and UCI requesting an investigation into whether laws were broken. One "news outlet" that has written on the issue is an outfit called "La Voz de Aztlan" (The Voice of Aztlan) in Los Angeles ("Alta", California. (Aztlan is the mythical term for the American Southwest that some activists claim should revert to Mexico. "Alta" -Upper- appears to be a play on Baja California)

I have already written extensively on the issue, so I won't repeat what I have already stated. I would, however, like to post one of the articles published by Voz de Aztlan on October 6. Here it is:

Let's put the overall Israel/Palestinian issue to the side for a moment. Here is the part of that article that I find really troubling:

"....The ZOA is headquartered in New York City and is funded by Wall Street tycoons, bankers and other wealthy Jews. Though they say they are Americans, they work exclusively for the foreign government of Israel."

If you are starting to detect an anti-Semitic taint, try on this other article from Voz de Aztlan:

Or this:

These are just samplings from what the reader can expect to find on the Voz de Aztlan website covering a wide range of issues from the extreme left perspective. This so-called "news outlet" has jumped on the anti-Israel bandwagon, and by their own claim, sent a reporter with the Viva Palestina USA "aid" convoy to Gaza. That they support the Palestinian cause doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that they give away the anti-Jewish sentiment that supporters of Viva Palestina claim they don't have. I ask the writers and editors of Voz de Aztlan how they would react against those that would use anti-Hispanic rhetoric such as they use against Jews. It is a wasted rhetorical question because this website, the more you look at it, is nothing more than Der Stuermer in English.

Behind all the rhetoric behind the Palestinian/Israel dispute and Viva Palestina, it is pretty clear that there are things going on behind the scenes that demand some in-depth investigation. Who are the real forces behind Viva Palestina and the Muslim Student Associations in the US? Where does the funding come from and where does it all go? And if our Justice Department is really interested in fighting against hate groups, maybe they should take a look at Voz de Aztlan.


  1. Pretty nasty website and I would certainly nor consider it a news source, at all. Dissemenators(sp) of anti-semitism and racist tripe is what this place is, at best.
    The tilt to the far left is so far that it just about topples over.

    The Justice Department should take a very deep look into Voz De Aztlan and the MSA as you have suggested. Your point of how they would react to such return behavior
    from Jewish sources is one that immediately came to me as I was at the website. V De A does not hide
    their stances or feelings of Jew hatred at all and so I give them a bit of credit for their being so 'open' about their hatred.

    I have had a couple of run ins with similar 'activists" here where I reside. They brought trouble onto my property and ran smack into trouble and resistance to their message and asking for aid for their cause. I keep a double barrel shotgun very close when I am at home and just gave these traitors a 'peek' at the donation they just might get if they did not remove themselves from our property. They left, shouting insults in Spanish(I am quite fluent in speaking,reading and writing Spanish) and angered them even more when I answered them.

    They came back two night later trying to break into my shop. The cops took care of them and no trouble since. The point here is that the hatred and nastiness these
    'activists' exspressed towards me just because I am white, and said no to them, might have even been more interesting had these scums known that I am also Jewish. I am one of those who will believes in the saying "never again" no matter where the source of such a threat comes from.

  2. Patriot,

    Yes, but Voz de Aztlan is not representative of Mexicans.

  3. Agreed Gary, and that is darn good thing!